Daniel Chamorro
Daniel Chamorro
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Hey there, I’m Daniel Chamorro. I’m a passion driving actor for your works.


Doing films is something magical. From the idea to the final premiere, you are fighting against all the elements just to achieve a dream: transform this piece of paper in an amazing movie. There is not such feeling that the one you get when you get that goal.

And if directing a film is one of the best proffesions ever, acting a rol in a movie, with passion and truth, is another. Beeing able of transform this lines on a script into an incredible character is one of the most rewardings feeling of life.

We only live once so what a better way of living that be a different human being every day.

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Every film is a one way trip. When you are back home,

you are not you anymore

- Daniel Chamorro -


My goal is to make a perfect work inspiring others with true emotions.

I feel that films are the best tool to make, all together, a better world.


Much love,